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Our Prices

Panda Productions has the most competitive pricing for professional songwriter demos and artist CD projects available

Please submit a work tape, CD, or an mp3 along with a copy of typewritten lyrics. Once the order has been received, Dan will then call to confirm your order and discuss the style and arrangement.

Package 1

Acoustic Guitar or Piano/Vocal

  • Multiple Acoustic Guitars/Piano
  • Male or Female Vocalist
  • Background Vocals


Add $40 each for additional instruments

*extra instruments include fiddle/mandolin/dobro/keys/bass

Demo Package 2

Full Production Basic Songwriter Demo

  • Live Acoustic Drums
  • Bass Guitar
  • Piano
  • Keys/Strings/B3 as needed
  • Stereo Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Male or Female Vocalist
  • Background Vocals

Discount for 3 or more demos


Demo Package 3

Full Production Select Songwriter Demo

  • Live Acoustic Drums
  • Bass Guitar
  • Piano
  • Keys/Strings/B3 as needed
  • Stereo Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Male or Female Vocalist
  • Background Vocals
  • Choice of Extra Instrument*

Discount for 3 or more demos


Add $40 for each additional instrument

*extra instruments include steel guitar/fiddle/dobro/mandolin

Package 4

Nashville Pro Artist 10 song CD – This package is for the serious artist pursuing a record contract or to sell at their engagements.

Panda Productions Included Services

  • Live Acoustic Drums
  • Bass Guitar
  • Piano
  • Keys/Strings/B3 as needed
  • Stereo Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Background vocals
  • Up to two additional instruments per track are included as needed (Steel guitar/fiddle/mandolin/dobro/harmonica)
  • Clients will receive multiple consultations
  • Panda will complete all pre-production duties (charts and arrangements)
  • Dan will act as your own personal hands-on producer to oversee all musical and vocal performances
  • Panda will insure that only the most professional and appropriate Nashville studio musicians are acquired for your project
  • Panda will help select the background vocalist that best suites you vocal texture
  • All lead and Background vocals are tuned and sweetened
  • All material is digitally mixed
  • All material is digitally mastered to be radio-ready (including all text and codes)
  • We insure that each track contains the correct instrumentation for every song
  • The artist is given ample time to achieve his or her optimal vocal performance
  • If the artist is unable to come to Nashville, he or she may do their vocals in a studio closer to their home and send the files to Panda Productions to have it professionally tuned, mixed, and mastered
  • The artist will receive two Master CDs and a track with or without background vocals for video performances

We also have EP packages with up to eight songs consisting of the same rate per song, the same quality, and the same production.


Total price for this complete artist package

*This package is for the serious artist pursuing a record contract, or to sell at their engagements. It is available for anyone living anywhere in the world. This artist package contains no artwork or packaging.


Additional Option for the 10 Song CD Project:

Panda Productions has all of the equipment, skills, and talent to give our clients a top of the line high quality product. However, we always try to accommodate our clients. We understand that some artists want more from their Nashville experience. That’s why we offer an extra option to track your album in one of Nashville’s elite project studios. You will get the same hands on production with Dan and excellent Nashville studio musicians to help you realize your dream at one of the premier facilities in Nashville Tennessee. Call for details.

Package 5

Track Files

This package gives you the same professional production, studio musicians, and quality as the other packages available to you as individual, consolidated 48_24 wave files for you to mix.

This package price is $50 per musician, per song. This package also includes a $25 per song charge for studio costs and pre-production.

As an example, you would receive Drums, Piano/Keys, Acoustic/Electric Guitar/Bass Guitar for $200 plus a production fee/studio fee of $25. Total cost per track: $225.

Files are sent via DVD or internet depending on the amount of material.


Track files for a 5 piece band

Panda Productions Additional Services

Panda Productions also offers a vast array of services that are available to anyone in need of improving their existing project, adding to it, or finishing it.


We are available to master any project to make it radio-ready. We can give it that "IN YOUR FACE" sound and do it at a per song rate.

$50 per song

$350 per 10 song CD project

This service includes ISRC information and labeling.

Mix or Re-mix

Many artists and songwriters have decided to take advantage of the massive leaps in technology and remix their older projects. Panda Productions can help you with our engineering expertise. We are capable of doing this at a per song rate. The rate includes mixing, vocal tuning, and mastering.

$250 per song


Panda Productions is available to do voice-overs for the songwriter that feels the need to change lyrics, or vocalists. Per hour rate.

$50 per hour

Vocal Tuning

Panda Productions has the capabilities to digitally pitch correct your vocal to perfection. This process usually takes one hour of studio time per song.

$50 per hour

Session Files

It is wise to keep the session files in case you need them for use at a later date for a re-mix, add an additional instruments, or change a vocal. One DVD will usually contain about three songs.

$30 per disc


If you would like an extra instrument added to your project, we can do it. We can add any instrument you wish using the same great Nashville studio musicians that play on master recording sessions.

$60 per instrument
/ per song

Express Shipping

We will ship your order shipped overnight if you wish.

$25 per package


Feel free to call Dan at anytime. Whether you use Panda Productions or decide to use another studio, Dan is always available to answer business related questions to help with your project. So if you think Panda Productions can help; call us.

(615) 430-8016