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Our Services

Professional Nashville Tracks

Panda Productions will cut tracks for your studio using Nashville studio musicians, and some of the highest quality tracking equipment available. Each track is a consolidated, labeled, high quality file for your DAW or computer system studio. Our tracks are recorded at your request of sample rates, and production specifications. We guarantee the files to contain the feel, placement of verses and choruses, and be in the key you desire. We can take your project to any level of completion you wish from a single instrument to a full band.


A lot of microphones, experience, and a very competent studio session drummer are needed to make a drum sound big and full for your mix. Only our house drum kit is used. This kit stays in the studio fully tuned with 13 microphones placed in key locations including room mics. The kit is run through a renowned Neotek Elan console and has enough compression to make it easy to handle, but not so much to make it sound small. Don't take my word for it.

Acoustic Guitar

A stereo track is used on an acoustic guitar. 2 vintage Neumann 84’s.


At Panda Productions a vintage Neumann 84 is used with a vintage API 312 mic pre and a Tube Tech compressor…sweet.

Electric guitar

Amplifiers and speaker cabinets are always used with electric guitar at Panda. No direct boxes or cabinet simulators.

Steel Guitar

No direct boxes for this instrument. Only rich analog sound will do.

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is use with a Neve 1272 mic pre and an ADL compressor for a punchy, rich sound…unbelievable.


Panda Productions has very few limitations, but it is not large enough to house a grand piano. Therefore we choose some of the best sounding software available. Ivory is used and the Yamaha C7 is chosen to provide a great commercial sound. The musician also has the choice of 2 other pianos. (We like the Yamaha the best!) Panda also uses the B4 organ software, Atmosphere synth software, and we even have a Yamaha Motif rack mounted unit in case someone gets bored.


Vocalists are given a selection of quality microphones, mic pres , and compressors to suit their vocal needs. We use what ever equipment necessary to make the artist comfortable and what will sound best for the outcome of the project.

Songwriter Demos

Panda Productions is proud to be a leader in the quality of songwriter demos we produce. We use only quality Nashville studio musicians, singers, and production. We also track each song with the same care and consideration that we use for our CD projects. There are no virtual instruments, drum machines, or loops at Panda Productions. We don’t condemn any studio that uses them, we just believe that a better production is achieved if there are several musicians to contribute to the session. Each instrument and vocal is performed by a qualified professional and a specialist at that particular instrument. For additional information and prices call and speak to Dan, or visit our many options to choose from on our pricing page.

Bands are welcome at Panda Productions

If you would like to make a demo CD to promote your talents or record a CD project to sell at your concerts, we can get you a radio ready project mixed and mastered. Special block rates are available. Certain restrictions do apply.

Featured CD Projects

Panda Productions creates the finest quality radio-ready CD projects in its class. We realize it is every artist’s dream to own a professionally produced CD that projects the natural talents of the artist. We also realize that due to the nature of the business, it is a necessity. With Panda’s extensive recording knowledge and experience, you can achieve it all! Here are just a few of our clients that have used our recording services. Here are three of this month’s featured artists:

If for one reason or another you have used our services and your album cover is not presented here, I apologize. Over the years there have been hundreds of albums that have either not been sent back to me, or they have been misplaced. If you send it to me, I will post it.